10 Ways to Detox Your Body

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Susan Hoff
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Feeling sluggish or foggy brained? This could be due to toxins trapped inside our bodies.


Everyone should detox at least one time a year. We all house toxins within our bodies, whether we like it or not. Here are the main sources of where toxins come from:

·      the environment

·      household cleaners

·      plastic

·      home improvement material (i.e. paint, carpet, laminate flooring)

·      beauty products

·      sunscreen & lotions

·      moldy buildings

·      processed food

·      water


Some of these items we can “clean up”, and make sure we are using chemical free, BPA free, paraben free, non GMO, etc. But there are some toxins we just can’t avoid, and we can’t live a life of being stressed about these toxins or live in a bubble. That is why detoxing is so important. It clears your blood, liver and kidneys of these harmful toxins, while adding superfoods and supplements to get your body performing at its highest level. You can detox for 3 days, a week or 2 weeks. It all depends on your body and how you are feeling.

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite ways to detox:

1)    Sweat, then take a cold shower

2)    Detox drink first thing in the AM

3)    Clean up your diet...Whole30 Recipes are a perfect start

4)    Cleansing smoothies or juice 1-2x per day

5)    Move your body daily

6)    Supplementation - A good Multi, Vit D, Calcium, Pro Biotic and Cod Oil

7)    Get fresh air…in a park protected by the federal government. Trip to Yosemite anyone?

8)    Sleep during your circadian rhythm

9)    Detox foot soak with Benonite Clay

10)  Drink water like there’s no tomorrow


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